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Different kinds of bike

Road bikeMountain bikeHybrid bikeBMX bikeTrack racing bike


Have you ever wondered why people have different kinds of bikes? Why doesn't everybody have the same bike? Well I'm going to tell you why you should get a mountain bike or a different bike depending on what's right for you.

Mountain bike

In the 80's, mountain bikes were beginning to become popular. The reason is because they can ride on most things. They can ride easily on rough terrain including dirt roads, mountains, etc. But they can also ride on street roads and other smooth surfaces. Plus, they can ride on them pretty fast. People liked this idea of riding on practically anything and that's why it became popular. Today, many people including me have a mountain bike for the same reason.

The frames can be made of titanium, carbon-fiber, or other materials. Mountain bikes can handle very well.

You're probably wondering what features a mountain bike has. Mountain bikes have some features that other bikes have and some features that other bikes don't have.

Frame: Mountain bikes have sturdy frames

Gears: A gear is system of 21 speeds.

Tires: Wide, knobby tires to ride over rough terrain

Wheels: A wheel size of 26 inches

Handle bars: Flat handlebars

Suspension: Front and rear suspensions (optional)

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